1. Horse-Friendly North Carolina Organizations

North Carolina Horse Council: "The North Carolina Horse Council (NCHC) exists to represent and further the common interest of the entire equine industry in all 100 counties of North Carolina. The Council is composed of volunteer individuals and groups from all breeds and types of horse activities, without bias. We are amateurs and professionals, horse hobbyists, commercial producers, local riding clubs and larger corporations."

Triangle Rails To Trails Conservancy: Advocate, lobbyist, and volunteer coordinator for the acquisition, construction and maintenance of multi-purpose recreational trails from old rail corridors in the Triangle region.

2. Trail Riding in North Carolina's Triangle Region

Hill Demonstration Forest (also known as "Hill Forest") is a 2,450 acre property located in northern Durham County NC and is an educational and research resource of NC State University's Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources. Note that recreational uses of the forest (including trail riding) require the purchase of an annual permit. Please enjoy this wonderful natural resource responsibly.

William B. Umstead State Park

American Tobacco Trail

Know of any other trail-riding resources in the Triangle Region? Please share it with us so that we may link to it here.

3. Some of Kate's Favorite Tack and Tools

(Kate is not affiliated with any of these vendors)

Rocking B Saddlery: Do your horse (and yourself) the favor of a lifetime by having his saddle professionally custom-fitted by Rocking B's proprietor, Dennis Brooks, in Hillsborough. If you've never ridden a custom-fitted saddle you don't know what your horse is missing!

The Clip: Tie your horse safely and effectively.

Double Diamond Halter Company: As I discuss in my article, Fitting and Tying a Rope Halter, there are good halters and there are bad halters. I favor Double Diamond's, myself.

Myler's Combination Bit: A very good option for horses that pull into or fuss with the bit; it divides the pressure among the crown, the nose band, and the chin strap, as well as the bit. It allows your horse to relax about the bit.

Julie Goodnight's Training Reins: Very high quality rope with good weight, a helpful center mark, and a soft attachment to the bit with good feel. Long enough for big horses!